Basically the title. I was married for the better part of a decade to an amazing woman. Our marriage was actually very happy and mostly successful right up until the end...but she decided over the course of the last few years that she "cannot" have children. I say "cannot" in quotes because her reasoning is not physical, but for emotional and/or mental health. Of course I had no choice but to respect this and I loved my ex-wife deeply and DO want her to be happy in life regardless, so we got a divorce. FWIW, I come from a traditional household and made it very clear to her from the beginning (before our engagement even) that I want children. BTW, if you're wondering why I would even consider marrying again (valid question) - my current net worth isn't extremely high just yet and my ex-wife worked full-time and made decent money, so the divorce wasn't that bad on me financially, thank God.

If/when I remarry it will be to a woman that has NO daddy issues (or as close to none as possible), comes from a stable two-parent home with parents still married, traditional values, 100% without-a-doubt wants children, will cook and clean, etc.

Can some of you that are older provide some life wisdom here...does having children lessen the risk of divorce? Is this something you can put in a prenuptial to ensure she can't just change her mind?

Many thanks in advance, brothers.