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Doesn't TRP really boil down to this?

November 29, 2016

tl'dr version - Doesn't TRP really boil down to just not accepting being disrespected? The details all involve learning to better recognize subtle forms of disrespect before they escalate?

Since a lot of TRP focuses on how men deal with women - and that modern feminism really culturally programs out society to accept disrespect towards men - doesn't the TRP really come down to rejecting that we have to tolerate disrespect?

Hypergamy in women, and the men that go along with it and tolerate it, isn't it really that women in our society don't have to respect men anymore? They get what they want regardless. So why should they? They don't value what men can bring to their lives. They feel entitled to it and take it for granted.

TRP really teaches men to wake up to the disrespect in our lives, and be willing to refuse to engage unless/until respect for us is established. Especially in things like marriage - men don't get respected in court with regards to divorce, so don't go there. Respect yourself and protect yourself from that danger by not being in that position to start with. Women are hypergamous, they treat men with a ruthlessness these days, so treat them the same way in return unless/until a particular women shows you she respects and values you. And even then, once that condition is established, maintain frame to keep respect front and center.

I can think back to every relationship I've had - there was a moment when I was disrespected and I should have proactively put my foot down, and if she walked as a result, good riddance. I didn't recognize the disrespect at the time, though, it was subtle as it started. Then escalated.

When you expand TRP thinking into arenas of friendshps, family, work place, etc. - isn't the underlying principal to still hold out to be respected first?

Acknowledging truth of situations in TRP fashion - isn't it so you can really identify when people are valuing and respecting you? And when they are not?

Sorry if this droned on too much. It's something that's been on my mind the last few days. Trying to re-evaluate how I discern things about women - I'm thinking I need to reframe my mindset from looking for responsiveness and interest, to being more alert to respect/disrespect in the most subtle ways.

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