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Doing hookers right

February 22, 2014

I frequently see advice pop up here saying to get a hooker as a cure for

  1. Pedestalizing women due to being a virgin

  2. Wife weaponizing and withholding sex

  3. If you simply want nothing to do with gaming and seducing women (MGTOW?)

The economics of prostitution make a lot of sense. Pay for sex, get your rocks off, done deal. No emotional bullshit, games, lies about birth control, unwanted pregnancies, etc.

The main hesitation for guys considering this route would be the chances of contracting an STD from a hooker.

Are the chances of this higher with a hooker than a 'normal' girl? What steps can you take to protect yourself (other than use a condom)? How do you find the 'good' hookers who take proper safety precautions and get tested regularly?

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