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Erectile Dysfunction

September 6, 2016

I made this exact thread like 2 months ago 26, been with an escort 3 times in a year. This was one of 3 failures, and then 3 other times I got 'hard enough'. This is now twice in a row.

Just went to see her again, couldn't get hard. I don't know what to do. It's just another problem on top of every fucking problem I have regarding this shit. Literally driving me to serious depths of depression and frustration.

Was a virgin at 25 because of this. Been to a urologist, nothing. Lifted this morning, did some HIIT cardio. Listened to some bill burr on the way to the place, was in a great mood. Haven't watched porn in an age. Haven't jacked off in more than a week. Ate eggs today. Took some maca and l'argenine which usually helps. Had a shot of alcohol to chill my nerves before I got there.

What the fuck should I do? Seriously.

Is sex just off the cards for me? Should I just forget TRP ever existed and get the fuck over myself?

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