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Erection strength?

March 30, 2018

Ok so bit of a fucked and embarrassing thread. Would appreciate any advice.

I'm 29, always had erection issues. Been in bed with two girls at 21 and couldn't get hard. Did nofap at 25 and started getting hard much easier. Got a virgin oneitis and we nearly banged but it didn't work out.

Read TRP started lifting and went to an escort 2 times and lost V. Was hard enough to bang somewhat. Was cool but I sucked lol.

Went back to her 4 more times and couldn't get hard enough. Couldn't enter her. Saw a different escort and couldn't get hard enough to enter. All the escort visits were 2016.

Since then I've moved away, got a new job, freedom started taking fitness and diet seriously. Live in a place where I have SMV finally while also raising it. Life has never been better. I'm hoping by being super fit my erection health gets better so I can actually start fucking.

I've chickened out from most escalation opportunities that could lead to sex due to this ED fear. But at the same time I've build some self esteem and confidence by flirting with girls here and there and seeing that viable lay opportunities do exist.

Took a private T test last week and the results are here: https://m.imgur.com/a/IriDM

Bought a fleshlight and tried it this morning to some POV porn. Was cool, reminded me of when I was with the escort that second time but my erection quickly died and I was bending my dick trying to repenetrate.

My vitamins, diet and nutrients are on point. My T is pretty good but I am now focusing on lowering SHBG and raising free T (more carbs and boron).

Another part of this is I have phimosis. Been making some progress recently stretching it and the fleshlight today helped me pull the foreskin back the most it's ever been (part of the reason I bought it). I'm hoping my phimosis is the last barrier to better erections but I don't think it's the only factor here unfortunately.

So was wondering: are most people's erections rock hard every time? No one ever has a problem penetrating? And does anyone have any further insight towards helping me resolve this issue?

On my off days I do yoga but this hasn't helped my erection strength in any particular way.


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