Me 23 Ex GF 22

We broke up 2 weeks ago, / really toxic, she later said it ”was a test”

And told me about How she kissed people At the start of our relationship. Later she told me she lied to get my attetion.

Yeah you get the point.

She now contacts me and tells me she got cancer.

I think its not that dangerous.

I answered and was there for her, she was more focused on getting closure than the disease lol.

She wanted me to tell her I dont love her but I wasnt gonna tell her that, especially when shes having a breakdown.

Instead i told her I loved her, but made sure to seperate the ”love” and ”us” part.

Then told her she can call anytime.

She ends the night by cussing me out for not breaking up with her ”THE DAY SHE WAS DIAGNOSED” and says that im cold.

How did I handle this and How Can I be the better person here? I mean ofc I can/should? be there for her if she wants like im not gonna tell a sick girl to get lost.

What should I do?

Sry 4 bad writing