External growth outpacing internal morality

August 11, 2019

I swallowed trp about 3 years ago. It's taken most of that time to go down. Recently I finally started acquiring plates, after breaking up with my LTR. After some reflection, I think I've run into a problem and am looking for advice on how to overcome it.

Like must BP guys, I was a nice guy for most of my life, indoctrinated by the Matriarchy, and learned to oppose my natural masculinity. Now that I'm embracing my manhood/redpill, I think my internal morality hasn't caught up to my new external behaviors (ons, causal sex, plates, etc). I usually feel guilty or some amount of shame when I'm with a girl, because I'm not adhering the BP/feminist ideal/'beta-in-waiting' that I did for most of my life. The effect I'm experiencing is sometimes having erectile dysfunction when I switch girls. I've started taking Viagra to deal with it.

Has anyone else struggled with this aspect of growth as a redpilled man? How can I get my mind to accept that being an attractive/sexual man is Ok? Is it just a matter of allowing more time for the change to take place, or do I need to do something specific?

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