So there is a girl I've liked for a while and was a beta to, but realized I was going nowhere with her and gave up. One day she was in a situation where she needed an hour long ride to sisters, as an emergency, and only I was available and she had no cash at the time to take a taxi. I told her I'd do the drive for sex, and after many attempts to persuade me otherwise, she caved.

Before and after the event (we still talk), she has basically called me a creep and scum for treating her like a hooker, that all this time I had just been pretending to be her friend and so forth. That's actually quite true I guess, though to be fair, she had never really treated me like a friend which made it easier to say screw it, nothing to lose.

However, I do feel guilty about having used a situation where she was in need for a quick blow. Should I refrain from doing these types of trades as an unethical act? The two hour drive was pretty annoying, though.