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December 13, 2020

Well gents. I’m engaged to a Colombian woman. Sweet, catholic, engaged and entirely mine.

..welp. Not so. This whole time I thought this was the case. I lied to myself. I thought because she was very very traditional and she prayed before dinner and she was a good person I was not bound to TRP principles. Welp, I dod what she did earlier after her engagement and I went through her phone. I really didn’t think I needed to but I did. Sexting fuckboys I didnt think existed in a million years. God. I’m so heartbroken and sad to admit, at 34 fucking years old, she’s a thot. Fuck. Really though this LTR was different. She’s not. No matter how solid and traditional you think they are, still.. thots. I’m as sad and burned as we all are, truly. A fucking thot. Shit... gents. No one is safe. GFDM.. no one is safe from this shit :/ also, please just go easy on me. This sucks :(

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