Recovering BP here. So I had a date night at my LTR's place. She flaked on our weekend plans but asked to meet up Monday. I gym Monday and Tuesday so told her I was free Wednesday. I go up and she seems noticeably miserable. I don't ask why, I sit down and just try and chat as normal. I'm assuming it's because my gym time took priority over her.

She's not showing any affection and seems argumentative and constantly going back to her phone. Strike one. She then goes to fix herself some food and a drink but doesn't offer me anything. Strike two. I attempt to make some light hearted jokes about the shit we are watching on TV. She ignores me and starts chatting happily with her friends on her phone for 10 minutes. Strike three.

So I did something I didn't think I could do. I calmly said 'if you are going to just stay on your phone all night then I'm going home' and I got up and drove off. Before I would have just sat there and ignored it. But I wasn't enjoying myself being there, I've made attempts to start a dialogue and she couldn't be bothered. So I removed myself from that boring situation. Her face was a picture mind as I walked out...deer in the headlights.

Just wondering what the next steps should be. Do I ghost, wait for her to get in touch with me or lay on some dread? Clearly she has come to believe this is acceptable behaviour which is my fault for reinforcing it. Currently re-reading the side bar and No more Mr Nice guy.