First dates during the week ?

February 26, 2019

Do you guys go on first dates during the week or save meeting with new girls for the weekend?

Hello, I was just reading the new book "Game", by Roosh V. I am a college student and generally myself and my friends are always busy with classes, homework, and gym during the week. For that reason, I never attempt to schedule dates during the week except for when I am on vacation.

I could squeeze in a date or two during the week, but I always assumed the girls were busy as well so I never considered this option. I would always shoot for Friday or Saturday night. The following issues I mentioned in this particular passage never dawned on me:

I generally don’t like setting first dates for the weekend, because she may think I value her greatly, but I will do so if I need to prevent a long gap of not seeing her. Other situations where I will go for a weekend date are if I’ve already had heavy intimacy with her, she is showing strong interest and excitement about seeing me soon, she hinted that she is free on the weekend, or she seems to have few friends.

Other men are more relaxed about contacting girls on the weekend, but I find this can easily result in girls putting you in the “needy” box, as if you’re overly eager to see her instead of going out and having fun with your friends, as she would expect of a man with some status. Girls are also busier on the weekends, so there’s a chance that your messages will get lost in the shuffle. When in doubt, stick to the general guideline of making first contact very soon after meeting her and setting a date one or two days after that.

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