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FR: Closed a woman from Tinder but she's begging for a relationship

December 17, 2016

So, met a woman from Tinder last night. Things went fine, Kino, escalating, yada yada, she invitrd me back to her place, and we had sex. I told her before I didn't want to be exclusive. She said was fine with it. And afterall, it's Tinder, we both knew what we wanted, and she made the invite knowing it.

Get up this morning, we've both got other stuff to do, and off we go.

Now she's calling and texting, begging me to date her exclusively. I already know I'm not interested in that with her. Too many personality differences. Talking about our different perspectives made for honestly better talking than I've had in a long time. Chemistry built off it, and it led where it led. Which is fine for an encounter, but I've had too many other past relationships that blew up because of fundamental value differences. They each started like this, so I'm not going to pursue further.

To me, it was a good time but not meant to go farther.

I told her this, and she's still begging. Now I feel awful for her, and wondering if anyone has any advice?

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