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FR Followup: Lesson - even after they hit the wall, they still want the cock carousal

December 20, 2016

Reference this prior post: https://www.reddit.com/r/asktrp/comments/5ivq3i/fr_closed_a_woman_from_tinder_but_shes_begging/

So I didn't want to mess with this girl anymore. She had tried for the relationship, then backed down to just banging. I'm 41, she's 43. And about a 6.5 on my scale, not real bad, but nothing special.

So, she sent me one more text today to tell me that she was even okay with me banging her even though I might be banging other women. It was good night we had last Friday, but for a variety of reasons, I want to move on.

So I met her tonight to tell her. I came up with a beta-esque schpiel to try to kill her attraction. Basically, I told her I thought she was a decent woman and I actually liked her as a person, and because of that, I couldn't muster up enough Machiavellian attitude to just bang her, and use her like that. She acted cool, didn't freak, was just like "okay".

I just got a text from her. She came clean - she's got an on again, off again boyfriend for the last 2 years. Says they have been broken up again for the past few weeks, this poor guy has a BPD ex- that makes his life hell, she's sick of it,she was tired of things with this guy, and she just wanted to see what else was out there. So she got on Tinder, we hooked up, and she got a roll in the hay with a guy that wasn't the same wuss she was used to.

I guess a woman's hypergamy never subsides.

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