I'm currently in the GAME phase of the red pill. I'm trying to get better at inner game by having my senses assaulted through action. Would love your thoughts on where I should be improving. Here's the not so quick rundown:

I see HB8, 24 years old, sitting by herself at a coffee shop. Reading some horrible tome I'd rather not mention. I open with my generic emotion-eliciting question, asking her advice. She takes the bait and we have a great conversation. I show/express intent, neg a bit, and when I have my chance, go for the instadate:"You're gonna love it."

Instadate goes well. I bounce her to several locations. Turn the conversation sexual. She reveals that she's only been with one guy, and lost her virginity last year. She's uber-religious, but questions her faith. Sure. I ignore and keep going hard on the verbal escalation. I get her to talk about blowjobs after I opine that most girls suck at it. Pun intended. She tries to validate herself by saying that she's pretty good. "Ask my boyfriend." I accuse her of probably using teeth and that her BF is too scared to mention it. Probably has him bound around her finger. She loves him, she says. That's cute.

I kino a bit, throw in some comfort. Finally, right before I'm about to head off, I go for the kiss close. She deflects. But it's a soft no. She's scared of too much PDA. Too many people around. I re-calibrate. Tell her that we should exchange numbers. I text her "It's the handsome guy you met at the coffee shop." Over the next few days she texts me incessantly. Wants to meet up. I'm busy.

I finally set up a day 2, and I formulate a plan to get her back to my house. We hang out, and she starts talking about her bf. I tell her I'm not her shrink, she can't afford me. She calls me asshole. I laugh, tell her I wanna put a baby inside her, and skip on child support. She retorts that I wouldn't make a good boyfriend, just someone she'd fuck around with, no strings attached. Proof of AF/BB.

I get up and walk off, she follows, I get into a cab, she gets in. I give driver my home address and we're off. 5 minutes into the ride she decides to confront me about not telling her where we're going. I just laugh. I'm not inviting her to my house since I know she'll try to have her way with me. I'm leaving her on the side of the road. She laughs.

At the crib, she's all over me. I take most of her clothes off. She's in her thong. I'm naked and she's rubbing my dick. She keeps asking how many girls I've had sex with. I agree and amplify. Today? But the question keeps coming up. This may have been a comfort test that I failed because as soon as I pull her underwear around her knees, LMR kicks in. Fack. I isolate, put my clothes back on. She asks me to take them off. I proceed to do so. In hindsight, she should have made some kind of concession. Make her earn it. Be less in her frame. We make out, and I try for the underwear one final time. She gives me a firm no. She's not easy, she says. Tells me she didn't expect to go this far. It's obvious that she wants to fuck but wants to dictate the terms. I say fine and put my dick in her mouth. She blows me. I come down her throat. She's surprised she did that. That's nice. I walk her out. She takes the bus home.

She texts and calls incessantly for the next few days. I apply plate theory, and will not see her more than once in a week. So I push our meet up later and later, deal with some other plates that I bring home. Finally, Friday I text to tell her that I'm taking her on a field trip. Wrong move. Should have invited her over. Fucked her brains out. Walked her out. She takes the bus home. But no, I wanna go on a field trip. She asks where. I riff about some magic school bus bullshit, tell her to wear something sexy. She tries to make up excuses, but finally agrees. She'll love it.

This is where I lose frame completely. She texts me 30 mins before we're set to meet, to say she'll be half an hour late due to traffic etc. She's coming from far so I give her the benefit of the doubt. She's 45 minutes late. I'm not happy. I could be doing some other shit. In hindsight, I should have just cancelled. I think 15 mins should have been the longest I was willing to wait. Anyways, she arrives, I'm cold to her, no hug, no kino, no smiles. Nothing. She pulls out a water bottle and tells me to open it for her. I tell her no. She has to behave and say please. She huffs and puffs and walks off. I continue in a different direction. She's not following me. Makes sense. This goes on for about 5 minutes. I decide to return to see her, and she starts bitching again. I tell her we're going to move on. I use kino here and there, and then I smack her ass for not behaving. Her tone changes "don't touch me sexually." It was an admonishing tone that you give to a beta. I react like a beta. Obviously, and misguidedly, I indulge her. The lady doth protest too much. I say "listen, if you're not comfortable being here I suggest we go our separate ways." Her tone changes. She's subservient. Googly-eyed manipulative shit.

She says that she felt guilty about coming to my house and blowing me. She likes me, but she's not that type of girl who cheats. I tell her I'm not her shrink, she's a big girl, if she just wants to hang out, and is not interested in a sexual frame between us, I'm not interested. I'm not going to be here to entertain her. Fuck. I should have just STFU. I call her on her BS, Fog and agree that maybe it is best we didn't indulge in this affair. I tell her that we end it and leave it there. She laments that last time she enjoyed herself being naughty, but now I just sound like her dad. UGGH.

She asks why I haven't left yet, since I'm trying to end things. I smile and walk off to my next appointment. Truthfully, not butthurt. Just happy to move on. 5 minutes later she texts, asking where I've gone. She calls several more times. I finally pick up. I shouldn't have. She's asks me to return. I say no. I've got other things to do. She apologizes, that she wants us to be "friends with benefits, lovers, whatever you want it to be" and asks that I return. I tell her no, but she can come crawling back. I'll be where I'll be. In hindsight, I should have said no. Ended it there, take the L.

She walks half an hour to find me, and starts her bullshit again, at this point I don't know where the frame is to even hold it. She refuses to follow my leadership, and says that we should do something that she likes to do. Calls me domineering. She outright says that she now knows how to push my buttons (by not following my leadership). That I was butthurt today, while I was fun on the day she blew me. I end it there and exit stage left. As I'm going, she grabs my hand and walks with me. I get to my cab, she asks for a hug, I grab her ass and peace out. As the cab pulls away, I refrain from looking back. I just repeat a an oft-quoted refrain to myself: tomorrow is another day.

What I've learned: 1. My frame is all over the place and is confusing some of the girls. I have to work on consistency and congruency 2. Turning a girl with a bf into a plate may not be the best idea. If you are going to do it, keep it sex only, don't hang out with her. She'll have expectations of more. I sensed this girl was trying to branch swing, and I nipped that in the bud by telling her there's no way she'll be my girlfriend. For those who have succeeded in this, would love to know your thoughts. 3. STFU more. Don't argue. Agree and amplify. 4. I need to work on my leadership. 5. I need to get better at combating LMR. Sometimes it's a lack comfort, especially if she keeps asking how many people who slept with.

Questions: 1. Was my reaction to the "I feel guilty" too butthurt? Should I have agreed and amplified? Her reaction to me touching her ass was pretty averse. But I know, pay attention to what they do, not what they say. She still stuck around. 2. She likes to call me an asshole a lot. Says that this is the only way she can be on a level playing field with my sense of humour. I'm not hurt, but I don't particularly like it. Am I wrong in thinking this way? 3. What would have been my ideal course of action in this situation?

TL; DR: Girl with a bf, comes over to my house, blows me. Several days later tells me that she feels guilty and would prefer if we just hung out as friends. I get butthurt and she calls me on it.

Thoughts and admonishments welcome.