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FR: Sometimes you're Chad, sometimes not

January 15, 2017

This past Friday, I met another woman from Tinder, and within 4 hours of first sight of each other, we were back at her place, in her bed, with my cock in her. I won't give a play by play, just had good conversation, there was band playing, we were in a good spot for people watching, etc. A little Kino, she reciprocated, and wasn't too long before she was snugged up against me, flirty, making jokes that the rest of the people probably thought we were gonna go home and screw (it was a small place). Started some kissing, she was playing with my cheek bones and beard, then she says she's really turned on, asked me if I was. I was, but instead of saying "yes", I just told her to feel for herself, which she happily did. From there, we both knew what was gonna happen.

I'd had a similar experience with another woman back in December. However, in between, there was this other woman I went out with several times, and she was a low partner count, HV woman, wasn't going to just hook up. I had things building well over several dates, and then went out of town for the holidays. Things fizzled at that point, and now she's doing the hot/cold thing. I'll respond when she texts, but never initiate. At this point, I think unless she has a change in heart, it's time to drop her for good. After seeing a few FB posts of her with all these different groups of people, I think she's really just trolling for attention.

So the moral is - sometimes women are into you, and sometimes they aren't. Sometimes they aren't but want you to think they are so you keep giving attention. No big deal either way, don't get down or discouraged when one doesn't work out. And be willing to move on for yourself, don't let a woman string you along. All that will happen is you'll miss out on other opportunities.

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