Using a throwaway, because paranoid (yeah, lol).

Can someone shed some RP thinking on this, and theories to why I am being treated like this.

I'm in my second year of college. I was fat and ridden with social anxiety, now I've lost a lot of that weight and have become more confident. I'm not slaying poon all the time and still have a lot of problems but I am working on them, and slowly seeing results.

I rarely hang out with the friends I had in my first year (just to note, the friends I had in first year were a mix of guys and girls). I have other friends now. I still talk to them, and they never treated me badly. In fact, they were nice, but the reality is that for most of my first year, at parties and nights out it would mostly be me just observing them hooking up with guys and girls.

I was honestly too ugly to really be involved in the life, but since getting into shape that has changed and I have girls interested and approaching me.

On the rare occasion that I do go out with my first year friends, some of them will say things like ''Go pull that girl'' and point to random girls, often ugly/fat. They will ask questions about my pulling too. When I do talk to a girl that I like the look of, some of the friends (the guy ones) will come up and say shit like ''He has a big dick'' which obviously turns the girls off.

Can anyone shed some rationale on why they behave like this?