Fucked up by being honest

March 15, 2020

I was thinking about this today and thought it was somewhat amusing so I thought I'd share.

I had a date about 4 months ago. This girl I used to work with, I was her manager and she was hot, now she does some presenting for local TV.

Anyway, when we worked together she was pregnant and unhappy. It was about 4 years ago. So she hits me up 4 months ago out of the blue on IG and she's still pretty smoking. She chats me up and invites me for drinks. We go out and she's doing this whole show of how much better her life is now, she's presenting local TV, left her husband, has money. She wants to pay for drinks, that sort of thing. It felt very much like she was looking for my validation, that the whole thing is about her displaying to me that she's doing well now. Like it literally felt like she's been spending the past few years sorting her life out so she could then meet me and go "ta-daaa!". I'm a little confused as to why she cares so much what I think, we hadn't even spoken in like 2 years before then.

Anyway, it gets onto sex life and we have more drinks and I'm leading her into talking about coming home with me. She says she's a frustrated single mom and I'm like I can help you with that and she's into it. Then she says "would you offer to do that for any single mom if she were here right now?" I considered for a moment, and I said "yeah, probably". This is the moment she withdrew, physically pulling back and looking shocked. The evening carried on and it was all good but she didn't come home with me, said she had work in the morning, obviously an excuse because she'd changed her mind about me. I know if I'd lied and made her feel special I'd have got her home. Or maybe not, I think she was just satisfied knowing she could've had me if she wanted.

She hits me up every few months saying let's do it again but I'm not feeling it so I just give a vague "yeah sure sounds good" and nothing comes of it.

Anyway, I got free drinks and feel like I learned something. Or maybe I didn't lol, but I still think I did the right thing being honest even if I meant I missed my chance


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