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Functional depression

July 22, 2017

I've come to the conclusion I've had functional depression since my oneitis and finding TRP 2 years ago. It probably wouldn't have happened but some life and family circumstances caused me to stay in a shitty living situation and I've internalised a low self esteem mindset instead of having the chance to work on my issues and my life and break free from my shit.

2 years later I've moved out and moved to my dream city but nothing interests me, I have no desires or ambitions, I don't give a fuck about anything and would spend all day in bed if I could. I'm lifting, exercising, going to work, eating healthy. Pleased with my positive habits and discipline but still stuck in my shitty mindset. Essentially a 28 yr old virgin.

Any idea how I can start to work through this and move on so I can start to enjoy life again?

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