Bare bones:

Matched online. Proposed meeting after work late evening. Girl says well restaurants are closed/ no indoor dining at that time. I proposed bringing drinks to the park unless you want to come to my place. She says sure, we can do "dinner" and drinks at your place. I say ok whatever (but I didn't say dinner), it was her idea. So anyway I establish day and time. Day later she says "I only drink wine so please have some." I say ok then what are you bringing? She says arent I enough? I say "well you're cute. Lets do this: I'll prepare dinner and you can bring a bottle of wine that you like." No response.

Should I have just not have asked what she is bringing? I try to get some investment since she imposed the dinner thing. Thoughts?


Girl just responded with this 1/14/2021.

"Hi- just in case, I don't want you to interpret, me going to your place, as a sign of me spending the night or having sex. I simply chose this option because of the COVID situation, it is very difficult to find a place to sit and talk in the evening right now. So I'm okay with doing the first date at your place. But don't think that I'm on this app for one night stands. I'm looking for a relationship"

?? Hmm?? Thoughts?