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Getting angry?

October 21, 2016

In what scenarios (if any) is it reasonable to show overt rage towards a girl you're involved with.

I ask this because I've been thinking about the thread in the main forum today about the girl 'kissing' a guy on a GNO, and then the bf letting it go (as it's just a kiss afahk). The girl then presumably loses respect for the dude and most likely continues to cheat.

Does she want the dude to get angry at her? Is this the only acceptable scenario to get angry?

I was in a similar situation with my pre TRP oneitis last year who 'kind of' cheated. Exclusivity was implied but never stated so I didn't see the need to get angry with her, although that's what she was really trying to get out of me. I didn't know what frame was at the time but I knew i couldn't get angry at her, and she hugely lost respect for me for not getting angry with her. I walked away the next day due to the disrespect she was showing me for NOT getting angry.

To me getting angry at her is serious breaking of frame. Shows that she can (and by extension others) change who you are.

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