Getting started with black girls

March 20, 2017

I recently had sex with a black girl I met on POF, who was 24, and an HB7, and I really enjoyed myself. She lived also very close to my place which was convenient. Prior to this I had only kissed or fucked around with black girls whilst at clubs.

I would like to continue this pattern. I get hit on often by black women around the neighborhood en route to and from the gym while walking there. I'm white, 6'0, and 239 pretty diesel.

Can any black men here give me pointers and tips regarding seduction? AWALT is AWALT but I'd like to know if any game changers apply. I've lived in quite a few black neighborhoods (Newark NJ, Chicago IL, etc) I know how to not act beta.

Still though. I want the detailed guide from the experienced. I'm not talking about gaming black girls who think they're white either. On the other side of the same token, I'm also not looking for some gangbangers' property either.

I'm going to be probably doing this via cold approach, in my neighborhood, which is

Bedford Stuyvesant, Brooklyn.

Please comment and post thank you.

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