So I'm on vacation in Florida, my girlfriend (33) who I've been dating for a year with absolutely no issues until last night, decides to get drunk and embarrasses me in front of my parents by being extremely sloppy.

Pissed, I tell her she's sloshed and making a fool of herself. I lead her back to room and put her to bed making sure she had her phone if she absolutely needed to get ahold of me. All I wanted was to go out on the town tonight and enjoy last few days of vacation.

Sometime after leaving her to sober up, her Fucking ex calls me saying shes stuck outside the room feeling abandoned and hurt. Still trying to figure out why the fuck he's calling me or how he even got my number, I tell him to mind his own damn business and that I'll handle it.

Find gf, still blitzed, and she confesses that she called him and her mom because she was scared. At this point I really don't give a fuck, tell her if she's going to resort to calling her ex everytime there's trouble she can find a new fucking boyfriend. Also thinks I cheated on her after I left her in the room.

Tell her that when we get home in two days I'm moving out (yeah I fucked up by getting on a lease with her prior redpill), and I'll get her a roommate to cover my side of bills. We got 3 months left.

She begs for me back in the morning, I remain firm saying she crossed a personal boundary of mine and that I'm holding to it. I get the tears and the "how could you just break up with me so fast after a year" deal. Disregard as well. Today and tmr Im putting on a save face to mitigate any more drama in front of my family.

Did I handle this right? Could've been better?


Gf gets drunk in front of parents on vacation, makes a fool of her self and I put her ass to bed early to sober up (can't walk kinda drunk)

Gf leaves room, gets locked out and calls ex. Ex calls me and I go let her back in room.

She yells at me, says I abandoned her and plays victim. I tell her it's over and that she'll be finishing the lease with a roommate. Gf pleads and begs this morning to no avail.