Girl invited me to join her for street plays

August 16, 2018

Want to bounce this off here.

There is is this girl, who I met yesterday. We met briefly, for 5 minutes. We have each other’s numbers already (she had organised a book donation drive and I had donated some books, so we already have the phone numbers)

Yesterday, there was this event where I was supposed to pick her up (she stays 2 minutes away from where I live). She messaged me yesterday morning saying she won’t be going. I was disheartened, getting to spend time with her was the main reason why I was attending that event.

But when she cancelled, I said to myself “outcome independence” and I still went (that place was an hour long drive) and I managed to have a pretty good time. She arrived 2 hours late, she smiled at me and we said hi. I left 10 minutes after she arrived. I didn’t give her much attention.

Then, yesterday night at 11pm, she calls me. Says “I’m sorry I couldn’t come with you yesterday.” She sounded so damn nervous. She then invites to participate with her in some street plays. I stay silent, and she goes on talking nervously, trying to explain the whole thing to me. She’s HB8 but on the phone she sounded like HB2, she was fumbling her words and really nervous. These street plays will be done in universities all over my city. That’s a good chance too meet more people. Also, a good way for me to get out of my comfort zone.

I agreed and told her I’ll join her. She later messages me videos of previous plays etc etc.

I wanna know, is this IOI? How do I escalate from here? There are other guys and girls on this street play group too, mostly between 25-30. I’m 31.

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