I hung out with this girl two times and we vibed really well. The first day we hang out she start telling me about her BDSM kinks and stuff. I think to myself okay this girl is a freak. We make out like we are teenagers and she tells me more about her 'kinks'. She's getting really hot and heavy talking about it so I go out and grab her boob. She says 'I'm not ready for that', and gets a little upset. I told her I was sorry, I got caught up in the moment. She said if I do that again she wouldn't wanna see me anymore. It's just weird having a girl tell you all this dirty shit she wants done and is against going past 2nd base. If a girl is giving me tongue and telling me her deepest fantasies, I'm going to try and escalate.

She called me and later and said she had a great time but the boob grab made her a little uncomfortable. I apologized again and said it wont happen again.

I should have been more cautious because this girl seemed crazy sensitive, but I didn't realize it until later. Stuff like, she's playing music in the car at a normal volume and asked 'is the music too loud?' I've just never met a girl like that.

We start texting more and we meet up again. It goes well again, and we end up having sex. No more claims of 'uncomfortable or anything. We get freaky and go crazy on each other. The sex was amazing.

She's sexting me the whole next day, sending pics of her masterbating, the works. We continue talking like normal.

Suddenly she starts texting me less. I follow suit to not push her away. We went a long while with no contact, so I went blue pill and asked her whats up.

She says 'looking back at everything you made really uncomfortable and I think we should stop talking. I asked what exactly it was that made her feel that way and I got no response. Was it when she was going down on me, or when she was sending pics of her going to town on herself? It was just weird.

I don't know, she made me feel like I assaulted her or something. Maybe she looked back and felt slutty for 'giving it up so fast'. Has anyone ever encountered this.

Oh well on to the next one.