This girl I am seeing always seems competitive whenever we are doing something, whether it's just us two or friends around. We could be playing a board game and she goes from this game sucks because she isn't getting it or losing, to yes I'm the absolute best once she gets a slight win. She will say things like "I doubt you can do it" or "Look at how bad you do that", although I know she would crumble if I did anything like that towards her after winning.
I have done "agree and amplify" often enough (yes you are completely the champ, they have your crown being shipped soon) which seems to work in the moment, I'm just curious how to deal with it when it happens often. I'm not sure if that is a good sign she is doing it often, or she is constantly testing my frame.
Are there ways to reduce frequent frame tests from a plate/LTR like this, or better manage it?