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Girlfriend wants to bring over guy friend to sleep at our's place

November 25, 2016

I live with my girlfriend in a studio apartment. We started dating 3 months ago. Today, she told me, out of the blue:

`this guy friend from another city is coming over for a few days and he will sleep at our's place. He'll probably have to sleep on the floor


  • We're been dating for 3 months.
  • The guy is older, and relatively good-looking. Hasn't gotten laid for a year.
  • Girlfriend confessed to me some time ago, that if she hadn't met me, she would have hooked up with him
  • This is the 2nd time she has invited him over. First time it was in the 1st week of our relationship. My GF sleeped at my place for 3 nights, and she left him alone in her apartment. Except..inn the 1st night, they spent a few hours alone at her's place, and she had more than a few drinks. At 3AM, she arrived at my place, semi-drunk.


  • Girlfriend is going to a phase of boredom/ light depression in her life (not because of me, she says. It's just a phase), and mentioned that 'him coming over, would lighten up the mood'.
  • The whole time he's staying,I'm on vacation leave from work and my GF knows this. So I'm gonna be with her and sleep with her most of the time.
  • She has previosly cheated on her past boyfriends (1+ year into the relationship), and assured me that she's had her fair share of men and that phase is over
  • Our sex life has dried out lately


  • Confronted her, like a jealous beta. She tells me I'm paranoid
  • She wants to try group sex, a few years into the relationship
  • Out of the blue, she tells me, that besides this guy coming over for a few days, there is this Italian guy(best friend of a guy she dated in college) coming over next weekend and she will meet up with him at night, to go clubbing (admitted she'll probably return late at night and that I should trust her)

Should I be worried about this guy?

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