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Girls flake after the 1st date

November 3, 2017

I've had quite a number of dates with girls from Tinder, and not one of them wanted to see me after the 1st date. This is starting to get on me and I was looking for a Red Pill perspective on this.

I've gotten pretty good at text / online / Tinder Game and I can easily get girls to want to meet me in real life. I also have pretty good photos, done by a photographer.

I usually take a girl out for the first time, to a place where we have some drinks. Nothing fancy. With some it went bad, with some it went ok, and with some I thought it went great. Last night, for example, I went out with this cute blondie. Conversation between us was flowing, she gives me a few IOI's, starts asking me question. After a while, she had an emergency call and had to go. Said she'd text me. Next day she blocked me on WhatsApp! This fuckin' hurt.

So I'm really not sure why all these girls don't want too see me again. Could it be because:

  • My looks (different expectations that my Tinder profile). Don't think so, why would they stay for the whole date if they wouldn't find me somewhat attractive?
  • My voice, which I guess is submissive and not manly enough. (working on it though)
  • my anxiety? Working on this too, I tend to make all kinds of gestures that show I'm not comfortable enough in my own skin, or anxious, or afraid
  • Boyfriend material vibe instead of player material vibe. I may be wrong here, but could it be that the girl was simply looking for a good fuck and the signals the got from me was that of a long-term prospect (aka beta BF)?

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