Girls who are interested decline to provide contact information shit test.

April 11, 2018

Hello, I am new to this site (been a lurker for 6 months). I have no problem with cold approach. Something that often happens is I ask a girl (who is clearly interested) for her snapchat or phone number to which they respond" I deleted snapchat" ... or even "I don't have a phone number"

previously I used to assume they were not interested or averse to giving out their information to strangers and wanted to get to know people better, or were playing hard to get to not seem easy These type of responses seem to be in the similar category as "i have a boyfreind" shit test.

There is one girl who was eyeing me at the school gym. I talked to her after my workout. I was very direct, I know she is interested and I told her I was interested. She was very receptive, but declined to give me her phone number. I always see her around and she smiles and says hi and sometimes we chat a bit. the other day I asked for her phone number again, she declined and said "my phone number is only for close friends and family' ... this time I decided to StrongFrame..... As i was unable to think of good word play at the moment, I just ignored what she said and looked her in the eye and handed her my phone again "Your phone number please...". To which she muttered, "i can't .... ". all I said is "Don't worry about it". Finally she relented and said "I'll give you my sister's number". "That's fine, as long as she is hot", I replied on relex. She proceeded to give me her real phone number. "I'll hit you up after spring break" I said. She had that embarrassed slight smile the whole time.

Previously, I wouldn't want to be pressuring because I didn't want to seem desperate or bother people .... I am considering doing this more. thoughts ?

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Title Girls who are interested decline to provide contact information shit test.
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