Having a conversation with myself. ADHD

April 10, 2016

Okay so a little about me. I have ADHD. What's that? Attention deficit hyperfocus disorder.

The good news is it lets me focus on things for work and creativity. The bad news?

Frequently I say too much. I don't let the other person have their say, so sometimes my conversations are... weird. I talk, and then I almost say what I'm thinking they will say instead of waiting, making eye contact, and reacting to what they say... I know weird. I trample them... and it's not something correctable by applying game theory. (as far as I know...)

I also ZONE OUT. I hate it... but I'm not taking fricken legal meth to zoom my brain up to keep it ZONED IN constantly. Big pharma just wants to turn me into a drug addict. No no no.

I've endured many jokes about me being "ADD boy" over the years. It sucks.

The good news:

  1. I'm in good shape.
  2. I look great for my age because I don't eat crap.
  3. I make a good wage.
  4. I have a nice car. (big deal in game but whatever)
  5. I have my shit together mostly etc. My self esteem has risen greatly, but I still struggle with it sometimes... part of of the process.

Bad news:

  1. I only started facing this recently. My special ed teacher never bothered to explain this to me(!!!).
  2. I pop out of conversations, so I tend to attract people that don't notice that I'm not paying attention... or who are forgiving etc... or who are at much lower intelligence level so they can't detect that I'm compensating.
  3. I've noticed I kept flirting with hair dressers because it's socially acceptable for me to "zone out" when talking to them. (believe it or not I do well with them sometimes but fail to close)
  4. I'm constantly finding myself targeted by single mothers because they know I'm a bit "off" but I also have my shit together. Women are soooo good at what they do. Unlucky for them I'm going through a red pill transition.

So is there hope for me? It's a DISABILITY everyone. Keep that in mind.

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