Early in our marriage, my wife and I made plans to start a company in her field. We made many life plans to accommodate this. I stayed in the military an extra 4 year while she continued her education and worked part time or not at all. As I departed the military, my mother in law was laid off. The plans changed to her and her mother opening up the company and I taking a stable government job as a back up. We took out a sizable loan and scrimped our money to allow her to quit her job and attempt to open this company. The company is now a few years old and bringing in a massive amount of money. Her entire mentality has changed. She now takes the slightest comment of how "we worked hard to get to this point" as me taking credit for her company. To be fair, she does work hard and deserves slot of credit. However, I have made many sacrifices in my carrier and have taken on a lot of risk and helped with many company problems. She thinks that because she makes a lot of money now that I need to contribute more because she always thought the man should make more than the woman ect. She also called me a "mooch" which makes no sense because I'm one of the cheapest people I know even though we have a healthy bank account. She clarified today that she meant because I am taking credit for 50 percent of her business I am mooching off of her. She said she is worried that if we divorce that I will try and take half of her business. I responded that very expensive layers would need to figure that out but I hope we will never need to figure that out. I have seen the statistics that show that marriages with wives making more than the husband have a much higher rate of divorce but I thought it was because the men couldn't handle it. I don't have any issues with inferiority but she seems to have a problem with it. Is this a lost cause? I don't want a divorce but it is becoming clear that she does. I need some outside perspective.

Also, sex is just a distant memory at this point. All help or advice is welcomed, I can take constructive critisism very well and I understand that I allowed a lot of this myself.