Help me respond (Tinder)

December 6, 2018


Me- Looks like you can handle a long beach walk.. hopefully you can keep up with me šŸ˜‹

Her- Iā€™m more of a runner haha so catch me if you can šŸ’šŸ¾ā€ā™€ļø

Me - Unless I see 20k steps/day credentials .. I doubt your chances Tinarra šŸ˜

Her - You underestimate me... šŸ§

Me- Put your money where your mouth is.. we should make a bet

Her- A bet? Of what kind? Haha

Me - Any complaints to stop allows me to choose what colour you dye your hair

Her - To Stop what? This is a very vague bet

Me - Its pretty clear tbh.. don't complain.. im sure a girl like yourself can handle something that simple

Her - Firstly do not ever talk down to me like that and second you said complain about stopping... I can already tell your a fuck boy

Her - A bet to not complain? Are you 12 years old

Her - Iā€™d rather die the worse death in existence than follow along with something so stupid, I hate guys like you, beauty fades but DUMB is forever

Background- profile shows social abundance (girls/guys) and places me as the "leader". Also shirtless vids and partying. Only one pic since tinder now allows vids. Im not photogenic but im very videogenic.

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