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Help picking a career

February 26, 2020

Issue: I need some help picking between 2 potential jobs i may be offered tomorrow. I'll refer to them as Industry A and Industry B.

Quick background: I joined the workforce a bit late due to family business commitments until i decided to break free and forge my own life and career independent of my family's preferences. Found TRP at the same time.

Moved to my dream town and thanks to a friend i started working in Industry A.

Pros of this job: The job is a mickey mouse routine, it is easy and there is little to do. Shift based so can plan holidays and events around it as i have a strong collection of interests outside of work. Well paid.

Cons of the job: Long shift hours and lonely. Zero mental stimulation. Some office drama due to the lack of engaging tasks. Very repetitive and empty due to lack of growth. Dead end career prospects.

I eventually was let go due to a collection of issues, mainly due to having the weakest contract during a time when they needed to cut the workforce due to losing a couple big clients thanks to market shifts (i was on a revolving temporary contract and didn't realise at the time i should have pushed for a permanent one)

I searched for similar jobs for months with no luck but eventually managed to get into a brand new industry thanks to another friend, Industry B.

Pros of this job: Mentally stimulating and challenging, area for growth, career path, engaged with modern societal trends, meet smart professional people, opportunity to explore new industries.

Cons of the job: Low pay until you've worked your way up. Very bureaucratic and pretentious. Incredibly competitive and cut throat. My co workers gave up their entire home lives to keep learning about the industry and keep the competitive edge. You have to do the same just to even stay in the game. Huge amount of pressure to learn and master skills and concepts in very short amounts of time. Cut throat office politics and smear campaigns.

I ended up getting let go after 4 months due to office dysfunction (managers constantly starting and leaving), lack of training and guidance and my own lack of competitive edge.

I've since been applying for jobs in Industry B for over 6 months, have done countless interviews, frequently getting to final stage interviews but never being accepted. After frequent rejection i started applying for jobs in Industry A again although they are very rare to find.

This week i've had an interview for a job with an immediate start in Industry B. It was a tough interview but i managed it and will likely get an offer tomorrow.

Today I went for an interview with a huge worldwide company for a job in Industry A. The job interview was a joke compared to what i've been dealing with for Industry B. The pay is decent, the job can be done by a 10 year old and it is shift based again so i can design my life around it. I will get a response this week.

Question: Should I try Industry B again or take this rare opening with Industry A. I'm not sure i have the drive to compete and perform at the level necessary to excel in Industry B but i definitely experienced a level of self esteem and actualisation that I did not experience while working in Industry A due to amount of learning and performance necessary. I was also 10 years older than everyone at the job during my time at Industry B.

I would appreciate any insights. Thanks

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