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Help - Single 28 year old dad dealing with a world where men have zero rights.

September 24, 2014

I'll try to be brief here. I assume that at least some of you out there have navigated the perilous oceans of single fatherhood. My problem is, I have never actually gone to court with the mother of my child and we have an out of court settlement to determine child support. Basically, I don't know where to truly find the laws concerning "back pay" from the first few years of her life (when I was 17-20) and was incapable of making payments, or even locating the mother.

I knocked up the girl I lost my virginity to on my 17th birthday, yeah... talk about a hole in one! Ten years later, the mother has decided it was wise to show my 10 year old, hormonal daughter a letter I wrote the mother when I was a scared, soon-to-be 17 year old father, pleading with her to abort the pregnancy.

Now my daughter won't speak to me, I don't have a court mandated visitation schedule, yet I still crank out 25% of my income to her piece of shit mother that poisons my daughters impressionable, pre-teen mind.

If anyone can help, or share some experiences or advice, I would be endlessly grateful.

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