So im gonna keep this short, have a great ltr that i have managed well, cooks for me, buys me gifts and shit without me doing anything, is willing to blow anytime anywhere, ya know everything is peachy.

So i for some reason (was not sure) started getting bored of her and one thing lead to another and we had a break up. She was crying telling me she loves me, ya know the usual, i might have lost frame for the first time and cried a bit because i felt bad making her sad. Anyhow after some thinking i came to realize i wasn't bored of her but i was generally down due to having a crap diet for some weeks, not achieving much and not seeing many people due to quarantine. Luckily we were still together so i told her i now knew the reason i was breaking up with her and told her it wasn't her after all blah blah we are still together and i am happy for figuring out myself, what i want and all and that ill keep her around for a while longer. She was fucking delighted to hear this, she even blamed herself about pushing me into the breakup talk because she kept asking me if i was gonna break up with her or not.

Now for the questions, was this frame break too severe and am i a huge goober?

Also how did you guys deal with possible oneitis, im thinking bout having some girls on backup but how would go about that? I don't wanna cheat on her because i respect her as a person and she has been very good to me.