This is the most asinine thing that has ever happened to me ever.

One of my coworkers (whom I also had a crush on) had a going away gathering with a small group of other people from work. This gathering was after work, not an official work event, at a brewery and we all were drinking.

The girl who was leaving, and also my crush said something that she had a breast reduction. I asked something like how big her breasts were before they got reduced or how big they are now, I don't remember which as I was pretty much drunk.

Earlier today my boss who is out of state tells me that an anonymous person at the gathering reported me to him for what I said at the gathering. Despite my explanations he still had to give me a verbal warning. Again I want to clarify that I asked the breast question to one woman and then a different woman reported me for it.

I know exactly who reported me as she's told on me for a couple of other minor things. What really sucks is that we are on the admin team together and I frequently work with her. I'm absolutely stunned that she would do this.

I'm at a loss at what to do from now on. I have absolutely no trust or respect left for this woman. I've never done anything to her and have always tried to be present and helpful. Instead she's proven to be a total cunt.