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How did I do?

October 23, 2018

Met an HB6 thru friends. Banged her a few times. She said I was good.

Trying to avoid taking any shit from her

How did I do here:

Me: "How does Chipotle, ping pong and wine @ mine sound tomorrow?"

Her: "If I'm functional!! Lol touch base tomorrow pm?"

Me: "We can get together another time if tomorrow doesn't work for ya"

Her: "It should be all good I'm just scared of my hangover as I know how my friends get at taco parties! It sometimes leaves me incapacitated the next day!! Lol"

Me: "I've got backup plans. Should confirm w them tho. Tear it up tonight!"

Her: "Kk def would like to see you at some point tho! 😘"

Been seeing her once a week, so gonna give her two weeks off then re-engage

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