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How did things change for you?

January 14, 2019

I've been a part of the redpill community for about six months now but have been aware of the manosphere since I was about 20 years old (i'm 28 now). Funny thing is I've always complained about not being able to lock down an LTR (with girls I actually wanted to date) and endlessly have just been spinning plates ever since I left high school which I understand was/is the smartest thing to do. I'm no chad but I'm not disappointed with my notch count at this point. If I had to be completely honest..personality traits aside...I would just like a girl who isn't pushing 25% + body fat and takes health and fitness seriously as do I...

At this point I've pretty much decided I'm not going to entertain any LTR's until at least 30 unless I feel very strongly about it otherwise. In the mean time just working to refine my body, increase my wealth and advanced my career.

My question I guess would be directed more towards the alumni's of the redpill, for a man who can fuck thin/healthy women but not keep them around is it more related to my game or is it because I'm not in the provisioning stage of my life (beta bucks) where I am making more money from an advanced career standpoint? How did things change for you from your late twenties to mid thirties in terms of the attractiveness of women in your life?

Also most of my game knowledge came from Carlos Xuma (who'm I think in retrospect is pretty redpill). His stuff is pretty old though, does anyone have any suggestions for learning more modernized gaming techniques?

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