How direct to go with girls in college classes

February 6, 2019

- generic indirect is a method where you talk to her and she expresses romantic interest in you before you express interest in her.

- And direct is where you express your romantic interest first.

-'WestIndianArchie' -

the question of direct vs indirect has plagued me for some time. I am a college student at a smaller school. I too have noticed that confident direct game builds "social proof" (commands respect) even when getting rejected. A lot of random girls I have asked out very directly and have rejected me will smile and say hi, when they see me around. people gossip about my approaches... sometimes they are talking trash when i get rejected, some times giving props for an attempt even if i failed, other times they are praising when I score.

I have a cute girl that has been smiling at me in my class. i have also made a bit of chit-chat with her, and it is fairly clear she likes me. i made scene when someone tried to take my seat, and immediately afterward when I made eye contact with this girl for the first time, she smiled at me . (I am the fucking man in that class, its all women (including prof.) and geek guys) I have been in many scenarios like these, where I ask a girl for her number after brief chit-chat in class and get rejected. other times, I tell myself to wait it out and go less direct, to deal with the girl as if she was a guy... and end up never making a move.

how direct do you recommend to go in a classroom scenario ? should I ask a girl to go for some food and then go to a party... or to meet up and study first ?

in a social circle scenario? with a girl giving obvious (nonverbal) interest (always looking at me, smiling, standing very close to me) ?

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