How do I make girls cum?

July 8, 2020

I’ve fucked a model (not fake insta model, actual model for Givenchy, Saint Laurent, etc.) this past weekend. I’ve fucked her 3 times and I fucked her hard. Different positions, pulled hair, slapped ass, slapped face, choked neck, came on face. She was definitely enjoying it. She’s a freak in the sheets, talked very dirty, ex. “Own this pussy with your fat cock”. Still smile about it now.

The last time we fucked she said: “I still didn’t get fucked like I wanted to”, meaning she didn’t cum. I’ve read the Sex God Method, so I know some tricks. She was shaking at times while we were fucking; I thought she came, but really didn’t.

I fingered her in a “come here motion”, and appeared like she nearly orgasmed. I’ve had this problem with girls before, they’ve called me selfish. I made another recent girl cum, but it took some time to understand her body better.

Any tips?

Edit: She has messaged be the day after saying she’s dying to see me. Sex definitely wasn’t bad.

Also, she is super magnetized by me, she can’t get enough of me when I’m around. She told me this, and it’s obvious by how she behaves.

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