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How do you deal with lack of results?

June 18, 2017

I beat myself up mentally constantly after every failure/rejection with a woman. I'm 28 and only successfully fucked an escort 2 (out of 7) times.

I'm just an ugly uncharismatic loser. I never used to be but after I met my oneitis 2 years ago and nearly got laid but failed (we were both virgins; I didn't tell her), it's been the measure of my self worth and all I've cared about in life.

I haven't managed a lay and my self esteem just gets lower and lower every attempt I make. My desire in life has now just achieving one lay and I'd be happy to leave it after that. Ideal world id manage 10 authentic lays in my life.

I've been working on my personality for 10 years now but I'm still completely socially retarded compared to most people I think and now I'm just regressing.

I've spent a long time convincing myself that escorts are my only route to get laid in order to make lack of results not bother me. But I can't afford to see escorts regularly. I have started a new job recently and will attempt to budget myself so I can see one once a month so I know I will get laid and know I can experience a bit of that part of life before I die.

I'd appreciate any advice to just help me stop caring so much and just move on from unrealistic expectations. Cheers

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