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How do you deal with "Let me know"?

August 13, 2019

I'm in a bit of an unusual situation. I've seen this girl 5 times. She's very busy with work and her schedule is hectic. I've initiated once a week for logistics (only - no small talk texting) to hang out all 5 times. We've had sex 4 of those 5 hang outs.

While the hangouts have been consecutive, I sensed a slight amount of fading interest on our last time. As a result, I decided to put this girl on the backburner for a week. No contact at all for an entire week, and during this time I didn't hear from her. This in and of itself says a lot. I texted her last night (Monday) to hang out this week.

Me: Hey there, I'd like to see you this week. What's your schedule looking like?

Her: Hey! I'm super busy this week at work and I'm leaving on Thursday to spend a weekend at X with my family. I don't think I'm going to be around :(. I'm sorry

Me: Hey, no problem. I will be at X vacation spot too with my family. Enjoy the weekend out there, should be beautiful. I'll be in touch and we can meet up another time to have fun.

Her: Oh no way! I'll be in certain spot within vacation spot. I'm out with my friends right now, can't really talk, but let me know.

How would you handle this?

I'm inclined to just call her next week when we're both in NYC, but I'm not sure how to read her "Let me know".

At this point, I'm aware it's a 50/50 chance, if that, and because she proposed no counter-offer (she always did before) it's dicey. I do know that her job and life are insanely busy right now. She works in a brutal field, but I'd like to keep her in my rotation if it's salvageable.

Cut the cord and wait to hear from her?

I've done this once before and fucking blown it. Eventually it got back to me that the girl thought I ghosted because I never "let her know".

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[–]flying-backflip2 points3 points  (0 children) | Copy Link

You seem way over invested, like this is your only female contact right now. Perhaps she wanted a relationship and shes sensing your just pumping and dumping. Perhaps she met a new guy who fucks her better. Doesn't really matter. I would think spending time with your family would be more valuable than worrying about getting your dick wet. You have to make your own decisions but if it were me, I wouldn't text her anymore. Edit: Oh yeah never burn your bridges either, right now if you never texted her again you ended it on good terms. Never know when those rare chances the ex plate/gf will come around and want to fuck.

[–]redpill_journey0 points1 point  (0 children) | Copy Link

Text her when you're both in said vacation spot. Either you meet and fuck or you next her then.

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