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How do you get good at sex?

October 18, 2016

I have a huge fear at being awful at sex. I'm 26 and have been with an escort 3 times this year, no other experiences. A year ago I felt and acted with real lust over my virgin oneitis but she dumped me for a Chad before we could fuck and I found TRP.

Every other time before my oneitis I could never get it up with a girl and was a virgin. I never really felt lust or anything the 3 chances I had.

My 3 successful times with the escort have varied from awful to OK. I had another 3 where I couldn't get it up. She's been awesome about being so patient with me and helping me relax.

I pretty much see myself only ever Fucking escorts to be completely honest due to having no sexual confidence, desire or opportunity to fuck a real girl. The whole ideology of this forum about "fucking her good" being the most important thing you could ever bring has killed the idea of me attracting someone.

I think part of my lust towards my oneitis was because she was a virgin and wouldn't have known any better. She pretty much bragged to me how incredible this Chad she had met was before we cut contact in an attempt to destroy me so I'd cut contact. I obviously did and it killed my little self confidence regarding women.

I can tell from the escort she just hates when I come over, it's like she's babysitting me.

How do I gain any sexual confidence? I'd love to see the escort regularly but it's way too expensive for me. How long does it take to get good at sex? I honestly only care about the validation and experience factor of it. I want to have had sex for some period in my life, then I'll get over it.

Should I just resort to BB game with a woman ready to settle down once we're both 30 and get her to help me learn? Cheers

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