This will be my second try at getting with a woman/plate, my last one ghosted after we banged cos I triple texted and broke frame lmao.

This brunette 7/10 woman (used to go to same school) who I reached out to yesterday & wished merry Christmas is definitely into me, sending long msgs about her covid isolation and other stuff etc to my short replies.

I told her we'll go for a coffee after the lockdown and if she fancied it. She said yeah, asked if I was single and I replied with "nah I'm married but I just love coffees".

She replied last night laughing saying well who doesn't like coffee, then double texted me this morning with "so are you actually married or having me on lol? Dunno how to take you 😂😂"

I was gonna come back with another sarcastic reply taking the pi$$, like I'm actually looking for an affair or something else, but can you drag sarcasm on for too long when it comes to messaging? Is there a time you should be straight up (in this instance just confirm yes that I'm single) and stop it?