I usually have a rule of 15 mins and then leave. So met this girl on tinder, since it’s my last day being home (she knew this and basically said she was down). I was looking for a quick fuck and she was a solid 7.5 with a nice body so I set up the date to get smoothies/chill after and on my way I had to pick up something so I was already 10 mins late myself. But, 10mins go by and she texts that she’s there. So she’s technically already 20 mins late but she was driving from another city and I was late too so I gave the benefit of the doubt. so I tell her I’m walking in and she says okay. I go in and get my drink cause I’m definitely not paying for her shit at this point, and there’s still no sign of her, so I say fuck it go to my car and hit the gym cause I know some of my boys are hooping there.

So I’m in the gym and she starts blowing my phone up asking where I’m at and if I’m almost there. I respond later on and told her that I was waiting for 20 minutes so I left to the gym. She was saying how she was in the car the whole time and making excuses, until finally she was like “have a good workout”. I just continued to delete her contact info and go about my day hanging out with friends.

I could’ve easily stayed around and probably fucked but I wasn’t that desperate. Basically all I want to know is how long do you guys wait before leaving a date?