How to deal with betas at work

July 6, 2018

Ok so at my workplace I work with some betas. Some of them are cool. Others are just stupid. I’ve got one salty beta who always tries to make jokes at my expense.

He is a short semi-retarded guy. An example was this- myself, him and a woman were in the break room. She asked me what size shirts I wear. I said large. (I’m average sized but I lift. I’m 5’9 - 170lbs. I wouldn’t describe myself as skin and bones but I’m not a muscle tank.) This guy is 5’4 - 145-150; does NOT lift.

He made a comment saying “if young today needs a large I probably need an xl”. His statement was an attempt to undercut me as a man and call me small. He tried to make a joke at my expense and the result was- no laughter or even a smile from myself or a woman.

Another time an attractive woman stepped into the office and was speaking with me. I was running asshole game and he tried to white knight her. He failed so he tried to undercut me again. Failed again.

Whenever he tries to disrespect me in front of women he always ends up making himself look stupid. There is one fellow beta out of our work group that joins in the banter with him and supports him. I’m wondering how I should handle this joke? All of the comebacks I can think of (immediately after he insults me) are always so personal and seem so mean.

I just feel if I was outside of work I would be able to handle it differently. I would be able to break him down mentally and intimidate him. If necessary I would get physically rough with him.

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