How to deal with contempt?

June 6, 2020

I do a lot of things, self improvement wise and when I see people especially close family members not doing those things, not doing much, just wasting time it’s really disgusting to me;

I try and focus on the internal, to lead by example and to give advice whenever it’s asked, occasionally I’ll share something unsolicited but it’s usually brushed off so I have just stopped. I try to empathize and that helps a bit, I try and focus on my purpose, gym etc, and it does help a bit until I see the stuff again, it’s something I can’t understand - how are people so damn mediocre? Time is so goddamn short and people waste so much of it? It’s just a shame.

How do y’all deal with this, feelings of contempt, disgust etc?

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Title How to deal with contempt?
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