How to deal with needy plates

February 8, 2020

Hey Brothers,

So I've been spinning a plate for a while and am still quite inexperienced. Now this plate has needy behaviour since our second date which ended with sex. During sex she actually gave me quite a lot of compliments and everytime she did i kind of shrugged it off, did not pay too much attention to it, probably cause i'm cocky. So she called me out on this that I did not say thank you. Also during sex she asked how long it's been since I had sex and I responded with I don't tell. After when she went to the bus to go home she asked if I would come along to the bus stop, I said yes to this since I had to go get some groceries anyway. to which she asked if I would've come along if I didn't need groceries. I replied "maybe" to this. So we arrive there she is asking if I wait with her to which I say no. then she's like hey we went to fast maybe we should go back a bit but she told me she really wants to see me again.She was acting like she was losing me. I was turning indifferent because her questions were starting to annoy me. So again I told her "maybe" to which she reacted like we just broke up. Now I got a message this morning that she had a really fun time and really wants to see me again. And said sorry that she overwhelmed me at that moment. Could anyone give me some advice on how to respond on this and critisise me how I reacted? What did I do wrong and what did I do right? Also, should I next?

Also, some recommendations on reading materials about this would be nice


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