How to deal with the fact that I want to do boyfriend/girlfriend stuff but know that I shouldn't get a LTR now?

June 26, 2019

Everyone loves fucking, and I'm not different. But although just fucking is cool, I do have some cravings for these LTR activities: things like going to the movies or the park or traveling with a girl, playing games together, that kind of stuff. I guess my SMV isn't high enough for me to be seen as a player too, because I usually attract girls that are also on this same boat, girls that want more than just sex and that usually don't give away their pussy at the first date and without a bit of effort

The main problem to me is that plates (or FWBs, for that matter) tend to think that I want something serious with them pretty early in the relationship, which kinda sucks: I'm especially afraid of bumping into a BPD hoe that will go nuts over the fact that I'm "leading her on" or some shit

Also this reputation of leading girls on might be approaching some friend groups of mine, and I don't know how bad this might get

And finally, I guess this cravings come from some BP shit buried too deep in me, especially when seeing basically all my friends in LTRs. This kinds of behaviours tend to generate oneitis in me for the girl I'm with, and honestly sometimes I have to purge myself of thoughts of throwing everything away and just jumping in a LTR with the girl I'm fucking at that moment

What should I do? I'm 22 and likely to improve a lot (in SMV, financially and socially) in the next couple years, one of the reasons why I don't want to get in a LTR right now

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Title How to deal with the fact that I want to do boyfriend/girlfriend stuff but know that I shouldn't get a LTR now?
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