I'm a 25 year old male who has a had a upper middle class up bringing until 18 who has never had a girlfriend in his life. I'm 6'0 Asian and a solid 5/10. I had helicopter parents who stressed academics, music lessons and sports which I had no time for girls which I grew up sheltered from the real world and to this day it is affecting me. I have some mental health issues regarding anxiety, depression and off period psychosis. The point being is I grew up in this life style of being sheltered and not exposed to the real world and now Im getting punished for it.
I still dont know how to drive at the age of 25 and I have never had a girlfriend, and have only had sex with a prostitute. How do I get out of being sheltered and being a human being.
I dropped out of university as I was too poor to study as my parents didn't fund my study, but I dont blame them because I think its a personal fault for being too poor to study. I realize this now but not sure what to do.

ASKTRP, what activites would you recommend for me, a 25 year old snowflake to get out there and stsop living a sheltered life. Also my parents are toxic asian parents so I decided to cut them out of my life.