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How to get out of my head.

December 9, 2017

So before TRP I was a 25 year old virgin. I opened everyone everywhere confidently because I had nothing to lose. Getting laid wasn't a concern because I didn't consider it a possibility. Very social and IDGAF.

I met my oneitis like this. After fucking that up I found TRP. After 2 months of that I was depressed but I forcefully opened everyone everywhere, being very sexual with women all the time. I still considered getting laid an impossibility so I never escalated at the right moments. Then I saw an escort for a while, had some shitty experiences with her where 5 times out of 7 I couldn't get hard.

After that I became incredibly in my head about every social interaction. Thinking about frame, perception, body language, intention.

I'm 28 now and have problems talking to anyone men or women. Haven't 'been' with a girl since the last escort I saw a year ago. (But I stopped caring about women a while ago)

My body language is constantly fucked. Women keep the fuck away from me because I'm always acting awkward as fuck. I've regressed socially because I unintentionally keep trying to fit every social interaction into a pre existing paradigm.

I moved 6 months ago and should have made loads of new friends but my social skills and anxiety have stopped me. So I spend 99% of my time alone. Chatting to friends on messenger and Reddit keeps me sane like it always has.

I'd really appreciate any advice. Thanks

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